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67 ave and lowerbuckeye there thefts

keep a eye look out for 2001 - 05 civic coupe color is like dark brown with a black hood and a rear hook it was drop with some black rims i think they were steelies wheel and a exhaust and dark tint windows the story is i ever leave my da integra outside it was like 11:40 at night i was watching a movie and i hear a car passing by and i look out the window and see this civic he park in front cross the street from my house in front there is a house for rent so he parked and turn off his car and i keep looking thought out the window of my house see if he leaves so i come outside to park my car inside the garage my next door neighbor was outside with a rifle he told me going I am going shoot him if they come out of the car these guys are trying to break in into the house I told him no these guys trying to break into my car he points the rifle that the civic so they left with the lights turn off and left slowing i did not got the plates number it was to hard to see. so keep a lookout for this civic
fucken thefts
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Good look out!! Good neighboors with rifles come handy i have too lol
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