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Originally Posted by RhdRicheeee View Post
thats why I dont own an s2000
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also check this ad the just posted on craigslist. hope you find them
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aww that sucks.. did they have to cut the top!!!
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Originally Posted by RhdRicheeee View Post
thats why I dont own an s2000
Nobody should have to be picky about thier car. How about piece of shit jackers just stop stealing shit from honest citizens??
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Originally Posted by azh22crx View Post

also check this ad the just posted on craigslist. hope you find them
was just about to post this up...
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wow! thats so shitty.. fucking thieves man..
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shit i found that ad also was going to post it..
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Originally Posted by eviilboy View Post
That's pretty fucked up.

The authorities could fix all this theft, by just letting people shoot people who were breaking into their cars. You catch them fucking with your shit.. *BANG*.

Guarantee theft would drop quickly.
I prefer the threat of a large knife and not knowing if I am coming or not. It works out pretty well, mainly because I am just crazy enough to do it

Guns work too, but honestly, where's the satisfaction? It's like playing counter-strike on a thieves ass versus really making them pay for their greed.
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haven't seen many recent posts on here or even Craigslist for S2000 seats. makes you wonder if someone went to the pokie.
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that suck mann
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wow .. people are crazy..but be careful if you guna shoot some one over seats ,you can end up in jail as well as them ..
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that sucks man. get a hardtop
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even stock s2k can be stolen...omg im scare to drive honda now
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B-series Bob
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fuckin asswholes
sorry to hear bro..
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hatched eg
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Originally Posted by azintegra View Post
Ouch That sucks. I just bought an acura integra that has s2k seats in it, im looking to paint the car and need to get rid of the seats for money if your looking for some. Sorry about the loss though
Did you trade your 2000 Accord for that integra?
Originally Posted by 1lowtacoma View Post
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Originally Posted by singlecam_eg View Post
was just about to post this up...
Funny how the add is now deleted... Anyway those seats are probably long gone now and if you do find them how is it prove that they are yours? Get a hardtop and hey you can get some sick ass seats with the insurance money if you had full coverage that is.
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Damn this is an old thread, but sorry to hear.
Maybe this is a sign to step up your game to a hardtop

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Originally Posted by JDM Jon View Post
One of my favorite pairs of jordans... 3 sizes too small though
Originally Posted by Chinky View Post
that mean you got a big dick
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