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D16 vitara pros/cons

I'm thinking of doing a little project motor to do with my step sons next year. I want to do a small build on a d for boost. for those who have built a d using vitaras would you recommend it or go against it? I don't want to make tons of power. maybe 300hp. I know the tune is very important and I will let the experts do that. but I've heard of vitaras cracking ringlands, is this accurate or was it due to pushing the limits? any insight would really help.
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Vitara is a great setup. Just use the custom length rods that rcautoworks or p2p0 makes. Rcautoworks sells a piston/rod combo for 425.00. With stock length rods such as eagles with net you a rather low compression ratio. Depending on what head and gasket you use you wil be around 7.5-7.8:1. With the1.63mm longer rod feom rc autoworks it brings the piston back up to the top of the sleeve and raising the compression to about 8.5-9.0:1 and also gives you the torque of a longer rod engine. Never buy standard size (75mm) vitara pistons. They are too small and have too much p2w clearance. Plus going 75.5 or 76mm pistons will help with compression a minimal about. Many people have made over 400 with a completly stock head and valve train. I think its a great way to build a decent power engine for a very small amount of money. I helped a friend build one and I made 431 with it.

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He is correct! An it was my brother's car that he is speaking of that made 431! An after onefst91hatch tuned it for us it was a monster!
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