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turbo setup help

Purchased the godspeed kit t3t4 turbo charger .57ar for b series.

My original intent was just to bolt it right on and have some fun but since have changed my outlook on it.

I've began purchasing additional parts, as well as have some previous bolt-ons.

This is my FIRST build ever and would greatly appreciate the help.

I am now set on a goal of a daily driven 350hp-380hp
On a b16a2
-Blox v2 intake manifold
-Bwr 68mm throttle body
-Bwr cam gears

This is what I've purchased so far:
-Godspeed turbo kit
-AEM high flow fuel pump
-AEM high flow FPR
-AEM fuel rail
-550cc RC injectors w/pnp harness
-Competition clutch stage 2 street series
-Supertech dual springs
-Supertech Flat Race valves and valve guides
-Supertech retainers
-Omni 3 Bar MAP Sensor

I plan on getting the block sleeved and re-ringed, and am open to suggestions of credible shops in the southwest that are known for great work for both block and head work since I will need both done.

My concerns or questions:
What kind of hp gain is expected/possible with the upgrade of cams?
what cams would you guys suggest?

the turbo itself being a t3t4 turbo charger .57ar
is rated at upwards of 390hp, is that believable?
what's the life expectancy of it?
I understand that it would be best to upgrade the turbo if needed to obtain my hp goals thus I ask if I can really expect up to 390hp out if it, if not then suggestions on a specific turbo upgrade would be a plus.

last but not least, I've chose to go with hondata s300 and will be ordering it in the weeks to come once I've decided on what turbo if different than the one the kit came with has, as well as what cams to go with.

If i'm missing anything, or any additional suggestions will be appreciated
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I made 480 whp when I was on a 57 so you should be fine. If this is a street car you will be fine with a nice set of type r cams. If you are looking for head work send it to Performance CNC, they do awesome port and polish work and everything is CNC machined. Call and ask for Jason he can give you all the information you will need, you can also send him all your valve train parts and they will install it. Shipping and everything cost $1,300.

If you plan to sleeve your block send it to Golden Eagle.
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I appreciate the suggestion, and will definitely look into Performance CNC as well golden eagle. Thanks brotha
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You didn't need the fuel rail.

Like AZ_civic, my friend made 470 on a Garrett .57.

Turbo is easily rebuild able at local shop for relatively cheap.

As far as cams, b16, gsr cams will be more than. Enough for you low goals.

I've had rs machine sleeved blocks, no problems. You can't go wrong with golden eagle tho.
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