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car troubles

Ok fellas... I got a question hopefully someone has a answer.. I rebuilt a b series, everything new besides sensors and simple shit like that. It runs good cold.. but when it warms up it idles, and it bogs out when it reaches about 2500 rpms while driving or just holding at 25.. it will pick back up again sometimes quicker than others... I got a skunk2 intake manifold so I can't adjust my air from the mani, I played with the throttle body screw to raise the idle, but no luck. I think it might be my iacv. But unsure.. I plugged the hole inside the throttle body, and it's wants to sur off when cold but when it's warmed up it doesn't really react as well as it does when it's cold and the hole is plugged. I'm a little lost.. should I replace the iacv all together? Or does anyone have any suggestions? ?

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