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94 Accord Transmission Whining Noise and Won't Engage in 4th Gear

First time posting here. I have 1994 Honda Accord (LX, 4 cylinder) with a automatic transmission. I was driving on the highway a couple of days ago and all of a sudden my car popped out of gear. I slowed down and eventually was able to get home by driving under 30mph. Upon further driving I realized that every time the car shift into 4th gear, the transmission doesn't engage. The transmission engages in gears 1 to 3 but makes a loud whining noise. I don't hear any grinding or clunking - doesn't sound like anything is rattling in the transmission. The car seems to run fine in gears 1 - 3 (except for the noise). While driving the car, the noise appears and disappears with RPM. Higher RPM = Higher Noise. If I let off the gas then it pretty much goes away, only a slight amount is heard.

When the car is standing still, I can shift into all gears but here is what I notice when I go to a particular gear.

- From P to R - One loud click/clunk but it goes into Reverse
- From R to N - don't hear any noise seems to shift fine
- From N to D4 - hear a slight whining noise but not nearly as loud as when I drive it
- From D4 to N - heat a slight whining noise which wasn't there when I went R to N.
- From N to R - no noise, gear engages but make one loud click/clunk

I checked my transmission fluid after I got home that night and found that it was really low, I hadn't checked it for quite some time. I think it was pretty much empty. While I was filling the transmission fluid, I saw that there was a good amount of fluid leaking out of the car as well. My car generally leaks a little bit of oil, a couple of drips every day but that night I could see a fairly good size puddle underneath the car. I can't tell if it was engine oil or transmission fluid because it was black, could be burnt/old transmission fluid? Also, noticed the car was overheating slightly the day before but I checked the coolant and it was full.

What do you guys think it could be? I was Googling about the whining noise and people say it is the front/transmission pump (sorry don't know the real name, didn't even know there was a transmission pump until today). Most people say it is the pump when you hear the whining noise but I am also not able to engage the 4th gear.

I got some videos of the noise, I can post them if anyone is interested.

Any help/input is appreciated!
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Don't waste your time or money, find another transmission. Pretty sure you can find it for less than $3-400 and be done with it. Sorry I don't have much info, but auto transmission aren't cheap to rebuild or diagnose.
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