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Site latency and slugishness using firefox

Ok so looking for some help or a possible explanation here. About three weeks ago my hard drive went and I had to do a fresh install of the OS with the new drive. After getting everything back on I notice specifically azht has sluggishness and latency when clicking links, posting, and other activities, but I have no other speed issues on sites or problems. Currently i'm using firefox 14.0.1 and as a test I have also tried chrome which runs much smoother and does not have the same sluggishness issue that I am having on firefox. Basically I know it's related to the browser, but i'm wondering if someone has suggestions for what to check or what to do to try and remedy the issue or could it be some type of plugin the site is using that has compatibility issues?
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No problems with the current firefox on my end, I also don't run any plugin/addons with mine.
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It's because your not using Internet Explore 9 duhh lol, TOTALLY KIDDING,

Are you able to connect to the site fast or does it just lagg all the time?

Check to see if your FF is saving cookies.

Uninstall and reinstall firefox, then restart your computer, check to see if it helps.

If not, you can try to ping azht ip, see if you have any packet loss

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