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Spec C
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I like Meguires high tech yellow wax.
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ive always been told that mcguiers is really good and also that shit in the can i think its call fw1 or something of that sort
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'CHEF" @ Camp Shift Fast
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turtle waxs' ICE products FTW
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can't beat it on durability, shine, protection or value. It is the best out there. A little hard work goes a long way. Even makes my white car glow in the dark. Perfect for black cars for a deep and wet finish. Makes any car look like a show car. I have tried the rest...This is the shiznit.
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sohc u in da face
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Quick lesson...#1. A claybar will remove wax and polish yes but it is to remove overspray, rail road dust, road grime, ect... it is to remove all foreign objects free and clear of paint. #2 swirls are actually scratches in the paint. u can rub them out by hand but it will take u 4 months to do the whole car. lol it takes a machine to break down any kind of polish to remove swirls. if u have experience with a buffer u should be able to polish paint to a high gloss finish without leaving swirls. for the inexperienced use mcguires paint correction dual action polisher, with the correction compound, and the finishing wax. #3 for the original question... What kind of wax should u use? mcguires, mothers, eagle, 3m, they all make great products. Just be sure it is a carnauba based hand glaze. But a little tip for u, just because of the excessive u.v. rays Arizona produces I would be sure to apply a good coat of wax every 3 months or every 8 to 10 car washes. AND DO NOT USE DISH SOAP OR ANY OTHER DEGREASING, DETERGENT BASED SOAP IT WILL STRIP THE WAX RIGHT OFF!!! buy a descent car wash soap. if any one on here has any kind of detailing questions feel free to pm me or call 623-418-3420 ask for William. I am the owner and operator of Top Notch Auto Detailing Services LLC. 14 years experience. You can check the quality of my work by simply searching Top Notch Auto Detailing Services on facebook. hope this helped!!!
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