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Keep away swirl marks

I want to buff my baby out, but i'm afraid to simply because it's a black car... any tips to keep those evil swirls out of the paint?

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Pay a professional with the right pads /compounds to do it
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Use Ultrafine polish with the blue Ultrafine pad..
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Don't be an annoying new guy and make a crap ton of pointless posts and threads for me to delete as you desperately try to make the post count restriction to get to the classifieds.

That is how you keep out swirl marks.
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Originally Posted by GURU View Post
Experience experience experience... its a must for proper way to buff..Once again look at my work simply search Top Notch Auto Detailing Services LLC on facebook ive been doin this for 14 years. I can hook u up. Or even sell u products for a diy... lmk call me or text william owner an operator of Top Notch. If u want to pay I can even hold a class for u to learn.
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