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The President
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1965 Galaxie - Bagged and Flammed!

I met up with my buddy Keith last Friday evening to shoot a very nice 1965 Galaxie. While the car looks great as is, it's going under the knife to be brought back to it's glory. Read the full article for more details. If you're familiar with Keith and his Kaiser, you know that this build has a ton of potential.

While I may not be a contracted photographer, it still feels great having my photos posted on what I consider one of the best automotive enthusiast websites in the world.

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Jumpin Jax
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Would look 100x better without the gay flames. Otherwise it's a badass ride.
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Originally Posted by Jumpin Jax View Post
Would look 100x better without the gay flames. Otherwise it's a badass ride.
Agreed. That much flames distract you from the cleanliness, bodylines, and beauty of this gem. I would say shorten them up to the front and replace them with real lookin flames. Beautiful car though. Wheels are a great match.Very envious of it. Great photos too.
Originally Posted by jdmegmarcus View Post
2000 cash someone come get this , its stupid quick has nearly a full tank of gas
Originally Posted by ICD View Post

Would have been interested if tank was full.
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Chuck Chainz
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Holy shit that is super nice.
I have a 65 500 XL Z code that my dad and I are restoring, not to many are done either but they are nice.
Nice car and nice photos.
Originally Posted by Lin;
What's the difference if Bruce Springsteen is his Shidoshi?
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