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throttle body upgrade for d15b7 ....would b16 tb work?

I have searched and can only find skunk2 and blox, but i was wondering what oem tb will work?
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you wont really gain much unless youre boosted. maybe better throttle response but not much of a power increase
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I agree^
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I have a B18 TB on a d16y8 motor now and I like very much. I've had 3 different aftermarket TB's and they all sucked., for a few different reasons. I think its a 64mm. witch is bigger than that motor wants at lower rpm's.
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bigger throttle bodies don't actually increase response. It's a trick. See, say the stock is 50mm, and you slap on a 70mm throttle body. What happens, is for the same amount of throttle input, the bigger throttle body opens larger than the same at 50mm. HOWEVER, if the car makes Xhp at WOT on a 50mm throttle body, it may actually make the same hp at say, 75%throttle with the 70mm throttle body, and NO more power than that, at 100%.

What is perceived as engine response is a trick. Honestly, on a stock engine, the stock TB is big enough.

in fact, big throttle bodies when not needed hurt your ability to modulate the throttle.

There's been lots of discussion on this on hybridz (old z car forums, they swap in everything from s2000 engines, to viper v10's, and everything in between into the old S30z chassis)
that's the thread if anyone cares to look.

One member mentioned that a 60mm throttle body on his Z, his datalogs were reading atmospheric pressure (zero vacuum) at 60% throttle. That means the last 40% was doing NOTHING. that's on a 2.8l straight 6.

I'll bet on my car, an upgraded throttle body will give me zero hp when I boost it.
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