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Anyone here?

I was driving a raggedy 240sx that is ugly as sin and multicolored. But its swapped with an sr20det and its turboe'd It has a road tune, and that base tune I dynoed 456 rwhp. Its not a lot but its not bad for a stock blocked engine with a mid grade turbo slapped on running only 20 psi of boost on cheap E85.

This person was driving an S2000 light blue with a black top I believe and hid blue lights. It was about 8:30 pm at night driving on I10 east bound, merging into the 143 north. My car is loud and obnoxious and makes pssh noises and it occasionally burps out a fireball when you let off the throttle it is a true pos ricer car I get it, it deserves to be laughed at. But it is a fun little car that I plan to track again with.

But what I don't get is whoever this S2000 driver is he was on the right lane of me, he got the biggest fly by in mid turn as the I10 exit turned into the 143 north. And the 3 lanes turn into two. On the most right hand lane that was ending was a slower car then what I was traveling, I was going about 70, the guy on the right lane was going about 50 and the s2000 in the middle lane was going about 100 mph. I could of very easily punched it, stayed on my lane, but s2000 driver was going so hot into the turn if were to hit the brakes on mid turn to avoid slamming into the merging car he would of failed, slammed into the car ahead and possibly slammed into me as well if I just kept my current speed. I had to hit the brakes hard, and watched how the oblivious guy on the furthest right hand lane took the middle lane, and watched how the S2000 had to jerk the wheel to avoid hitting that car in middle of the lane. I then proceeded to watch this guy nearly eat shit two more times as he proceeded to race and zig zag on the 143 north which was absolutely packed.

What would make anyone think that I would want to play in that type of road condition or even at all in a public highway? I saw 3 highway patrol men in a 10 minute drive back afterwards.

Shit like this is why I don't drive my car anymore.

So be honest who was it? You almost got yourself and innocent motorist killed.
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God you sound like an idiot both do. Especially you though
<GSR EK Hatch>

Originally Posted by jakellama123 View Post
p.s. I'll cum and shave you in your garage.
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Member since 09 and this is your firsf post?
You think your better than me because you got both your nuts?!
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I've had multiple people like this. Do watch out for a bright blue Hyundai genesis
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Originally Posted by crx2quik4u View Post
God you sound like an idiot both do. Especially you though
Yea I am an idiot for driving maybe 5 mph over the limit just trying to go f1 factory with a few friends.
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