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Originally Posted by CAPTAIN CAAAAAAAVEMAN View Post
Mostly diet change. I do some light stretches and core work at home but i think its mostly credited to eating a lot more healthy. Little to no carbs/sugars and a alot more veggies. I eat at least one salad a day. I like kale and supposedly its good for u, Alot people dont like kale but i dont mind it. Also eating about 10 avacados a week. I like the idea of paleo/keto diets, but i still eat BS occasionally, like today coworker handed me a mcdouble, dammit LOL
thats my biggest downfall is food. i am super picky and never learned to like different foods when i was little so when it comes to diet now its all fuggered. being a sugar fiend doesnt help either. i am trying to ween myself off it but shit its like a drug
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