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  1. Lower Tie Rod
  2. alignments
  3. Different DIY's and How to's
  4. links to great DIY's
  5. DIY Covering Trunk holes
  6. Scratched Rims
  7. Shift Linkage Bitch Pin
  8. How to: Gut Sunroof EG6 and install non sunroof rollcage
  9. take headlights apart??
  10. help on bent ssr rim :(
  11. tail light fix * look *
  12. For people with idle problems
  13. Cant afford a TIG welder?
  14. DIY "Home Depot" lip?
  15. DIY: CTR Door panel Look-alike.
  17. rim polishing
  18. DIY Red Out Tail Lights
  20. battery relocation?
  21. Need Help With Tail Lights
  22. Need help prepping wheels for paint
  23. HID retrofit - how to
  24. prevent theft, how to
  25. DIY Smoke taillights wit **Pantyhose!!**
  26. Hey i have a 99 saturn trying to tune out; need help?!?!
  27. DIY Cheap way to remove paint!
  28. have two questions please help
  29. need help with fiberglass...
  30. to lazy to do it ill do it for you side jobs
  31. DIY Brass Polishing?
  32. Anone installed a kill switch before?
  33. DIY Upholstery and Interior Help?
  34. Anyone have a Koul Tool for AN fittings and hose???
  35. DIY: Blocking Air Injection holes on 99-00 D16Y8 Intake Manifolds
  36. Installing BOVs?
  37. How to diy your 94-01 climate control and clock
  38. DIY/ How To
  39. Valve Cover Paint.
  40. How to paint cars
  41. rechargre a/c
  42. Attach stock wheel to momo hub?
  43. trying to clean glue off of paint?
  44. window tinting
  45. evo VIII seats install
  46. Remove crome
  47. dc dash in an eg
  48. Paint Rims
  49. Getting smoke odor out of A/C?
  50. meth injection
  51. Climate control led install guide
  52. AMAZING ls/vtec write up!!!!
  53. how do you do a rhd
  54. I Finished Another DIY Calipers
  55. DIY How to make Kool-Aid
  56. Cut your shifter !! DIY !!
  57. Need help, Need clutch alignment tool
  58. Car's too low to run emissions test!
  59. Anybody got DIY headliner??
  60. make ur own angel lights
  61. help!!! need a do it yourslef for an F'd up ignition
  62. energy suspension istall help
  63. baking ceramic painted header
  64. DYI Blox LCA's
  65. How to Smoke Taillight's?
  66. DIY headliner in an ex question
  67. anyone reupholster sunroof cover
  68. lubricating interior parts
  69. drain plug.
  70. i found a very helpful website
  71. know anything about vee dubs??
  72. need a DIY
  73. DIY for insulation on a car?
  74. You tube: How to roll fenders...
  75. Free technical suppport
  76. useful diys
  77. DIY: The $1.72 In-Car Camera Mount
  78. sidemarkers on an ek??
  79. dont like smoked tailights!!
  80. EK's conversion 96-98 To 99-00
  81. Removing orange reflectors from 96-98 Civic headlights
  82. How do you make your own custom intake
  83. 99 EJ8 fogs
  84. any one have DIY wire tuck
  85. momo
  86. icebox diy ?uestion
  87. DIY RSX Bose sub fix
  88. Need help!
  89. Cancel a p13 knock sensor?
  90. clutch help
  91. Home Depot HomeMade Lip
  92. DA tranny problems
  93. heli coil help
  94. how to do a wire tuck :) Prolly not SFW
  95. Need a DIY: Cleaning Headlights
  96. Sun visor fix for $2 in 15 minutes.....
  97. Diy block sleeve
  98. Headlight switch fix
  99. Clearing orange signal lamps in Del Sol's and Lude's. Maybe others too.
  100. Add a Gas Cap Holder to Honda's that don't have them.
  101. Replacing 96-00 Civic wiper/headlight switch
  102. DIY: broken motor mount / motor mount going bad click here
  103. F23a1 Oil Seals and TDC
  104. door lock
  105. DIY: Fix Broken Ripped Bumper Tabs
  106. DIY - Make Your Own JDM Fender Brackets & Headlight Brackets
  107. DIY: Lens seperation
  108. DIY: Honda Starter Repair
  109. jdm b16a sir2 help plz
  110. DIY ....re paint tail lights
  111. teggy cluster in my dx
  112. S2000 Cluster Install into older Honda's.
  113. Dome light alternative
  114. Removing door side moldings
  115. 5th gen prelude cabin air filter
  116. LED Gauge Cluster - 1990's Hondas
  117. Ek fogs on ef hatch
  118. know hows? eg rear lip install plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  119. Heavy Broadway. Fix*
  120. Does anyone have.......
  121. DIY Extended tophats
  122. Reupholstering & Heated Seats
  123. DIY : dual center exit exhaust any application
  124. DIY: Plasti-Dip Chrome Trim
  125. Sunroof relay vs the parking pole relay
  126. DIY Restoring your glazed headlights!
  127. looking for a DYI Carpet dye
  128. Smoked Lenses
  129. Help with wrapping pillars and others
  130. RARE PARTS ordering
  131. D16 timing
  132. Ek Rear Disc Conversion
  133. Bumper Quick Release
  134. Droid X lcd Replacement
  135. 06-08 SI rear seats into EK
  136. What do i use???
  137. DIY throttlebody port
  138. How to change the del sol headliner!!
  139. Engine Swap.
  140. restoring jdm itr headlights
  141. DIY carpet replacement in EG???
  142. looking at lowering the hatch on a budget
  143. shop suggestions?
  144. DIY repair stripped threads
  145. DIY: How to Remove/Replace Wheel Lug Studs
  146. cant figure this out
  147. DIY: How to Make an Informative and Proper DIY Thread - READ FIRST- THIS MEANS YOU!
  148. 88 civic hatch bumper lights into parking lights
  149. Meets in phoenix 75th and indianschool
  150. Sohc s20/240 transmission input shaft replacement
  151. CRX Shop Manual On Line
  152. 92-95 coupe rear door handles fit front ???
  153. need a diy
  154. Resurface/clean flywheel
  155. 1990-91
  156. need a cherry picker
  157. Modified stock ek air filter
  158. DIY Extender Shift Lever
  159. H22 Cruise Control
  160. Plastic panel repair/welding *PICS!*
  161. Wanted, info on this kids car gearbox